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Karina Pietere

In Karina Pietere’s role as Lead Test Engineer, she mainly focuses on various kinds of testing activities.  However, because we work in agile teams, it’s possible to apply any competencies one might have and not be limited to any one thing. For example, recently Karina has taken an interest in user experience design. “There are excellent opportunities to learn and develop yourself”, says Karina.

Karina doesn’t really think about the fact she’s the only woman in her team, since that has been the case since university. Her interests have been in physics and mathematics, which has often meant that she is part of a minority of women in a male-dominated field. Karina feels that working among men and women can be different in that men tend not to have pre-conceptions about themselves not being able to learn new things in a technical profession, whereas women can have some reservations about this.

Test Engineer Karina Pietere sitting with her laptop and a toy robot.

As cliché as it may sound, Karina reckons that the best thing about her job is the people. She feels very lucky to be working in a great team, and that the workplace is like her “playground”, where she can both learn new things and enjoy working together. In addition to that, NAPA provides plenty of great team-building activities.

Women are great with details and Finns especially tend to be very rational, so Karina wonders why more women are not coming into programming – one solution would be teaching it more in schools. Karina recommends that no woman get stuck to a box defining what she should be and for the future she hopes for more advanced IT teaching at schools.

“Be brave! If you don’t know something, you can learn, no biggie!”

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