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Iulian Panait-Fecioru

Iulian Panait-Fecioru, Lead Software Developer at NAPA Romania has spent more than a decade with us. Originally, he relocated to Galati from elsewhere in Romania, and was attracted to NAPA because of its global reach. Iulian feels that the core reason behind NAPA’s success over the years is the fact that there is a solid customer base for which our product is needed.

In his job role as a Lead Software Developer, a significant part of Iulian’s time goes into giving advice and input towards the work his team members have done. Iulian describes his colleagues as hard working, professional, and enjoyable to be around. The best memories he has are from the numerous social events, such as team building days or barbeques, which the company has organized over the years.

Whilst many things have changed in professional life throughout the times: the introduction of agile methods, changing operating systems and programming languages, Iulian feels that the essence of NAPA remains the same: dedicated pros hard at work creating a better NAPA. “Both professionally and personally, the total experience is great!”, Iulian sums up.

Iulian Fecioru

Lead Software Developer Iulian Panait-Fecioru at NAPA Romania office

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