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Intelligent Ship Design

An integrated solution for the entire ship project life cycle powered by NAPA and CADMATIC

NAPA and CADMATIC have strengthened their cooperation by offering shipyards and ship design companies our globally trusted and intelligent ship design software as an integrated solution.

The integrated solution covers the entire ship project life cycle from naval architecture to basic and detail design through to production and delivery.

NAPA is a powerful tool used in naval architectural calculations, structural design, and data analysis. It also boasts a suite of products that supports ship operation.

CADMATIC is a leading solution provider for ship 3D hull structures, 3D piping and outfitting, 3D layout, P&I diagrams, visualization and management of design, engineering and production information, and digital transformation tools.

The integrated solution optimizes ship design, engineering and production processes and leverages the power of digital transformation to streamline the design process; effectively consolidating data and creating a greater platform for collaboration and enabling the use of digital twins from the beginning of a project.

The Intelligent Ship Design solution enables successful execution of complex design challenges, like 3D model-based class approval, and collaboration across large multi-site projects while saving time and costs by avoiding the duplication of information across different systems. The solution will subsequently enable customers to win more contracts and fully realize the commercial success of these projects.

Value and benefits

  • Smart integration ensures commercial success
  • Intelligent ship design and engineering solution
  • Efficient information management and digital transformation

Intelligent Ship Design

The integrated NAPA-CADMATIC solution covers naval architecture and all design phases all the way up to construction, operation, and retrofits.


NAPA model with outfitting from CADMATIC

Hull form: Utilize NAPA Hull form directly in CADMATIC.

Structures: Utilize NAPA structures in CADMATIC Outfitting. Continue and modify structure design directly with CADMATIC Hull.

Compartments: Use NAPA compartments in CADMATIC for cable routing, logistics of outfitting components.

Opening request status: Inform CADMATIC users of the status of opening requests.


Piping and equipment: For visualizing outfitting for structure designers in NAPA

Opening request: For proposing openings prepared by CADMATIC user to structure design.

CADMATIC model with structures from NAPA Designer

NAPA across design disciplines for the intelligent ship design process

Hydrostatics and stability

NAPA’s software for stability assessment is the de-facto standard in the industry used by all major shipyards and classification societies globally. With NAPA you can be sure that the relevant regulations are supported and that the results are generated by a proven and accepted calculation engine.

Hull form design and hydrodynamics

NAPA supports hull form design from optimization in early design phases to production fairing. The hydrodynamics modules support resistance, powering, seakeeping and maneuvering calculations by industry-standard methodologies.

Structural design

NAPA Steel upgrades the initial and basic design for structures by taking the design work from traditional 2D drawings to 3D modeling. Using a 3D model for structural design from the beginning of the project has several benefits, from earlier rule compliance information leading to more accurate weight and cost results.


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