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Enabling safer voyages with ​ship data and cloud connectivity

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Real Impact on Ship Operations with ​ Data on the Cloud

For a successful green transition, voyage safety and sustainability must go hand-in-hand.
At International Maritime Organization’s 107th Maritime Safety Committee meeting, Jussi Siltanen, our Go-to-market Lead, presented on “Enabling safer voyages with data and cloud connectivity”. Ensuring there is no trade-off between these priorities, Jussi explains how greater ship data collection and sharing are allowing the industry to be better equipped to tackle the decarbonization transition head-on and do so safely. The impact of capturing the right data and cloud​ connectivity on ship operations is immediate and massive:
  • Better decision-making
  • Faster emergency response
  • Easy and accurate voyage planning
  • Easier reporting ​& compliance
  • Trend analysis & ​benchmarking
  • Predictable & planned operations

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