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SOLAS 2009

The Revised Text of SOLAS Chapter II-1, Parts A, B and B1 (SOLAS 2009) has been included in NAPA since Release 2004.2.

Powerful Probabilistic Concept

The forerunner of the Probabilistic Concept was regulation IMO Res. A.265. This rule was included in NAPA from the very start, in the late 1970s. The SOLAS rule Chapter II-1, Part B-1, Regulation 25-1 came into force in 1992 and was also immediately incorporated into NAPA. In 1996, the Probabilistic Concept of NAPA was revamped and soon thereafter, in 1999, the so-called Revised Chapter II-1, Part B-1, SLF 42/5 was implemented. The first draft of what was to be called SOLAS 2009 was included in NAPA in 2004.

Harmonized rules

The joint research program HARDER (Harmonization of Rules and Design Rationale) was initiated when the work of SLF 42 to create rules conforming with Part B-1, Reg. 25-1 – but also including the main features of IMO Res. A.265 and the regulations of SOLAS 90 – did not meet with satisfaction within the international community. The HARDER program was led by a consortium of industrial, research and academic institutions, including members of the IMO working group. The consortium began work to harmonize the above-mentioned scope.

In the course of this development, NAPA was used as the calculation tool by most participants and consortium members. NAPA rapidly developed tools for the probabilistic factors p, v, and s, which enabled evaluation of the created rules and their robustness. The Static Equivalent Method (SEM) was implemented in NAPA in 2003. This complex calculation method was improved and optimized in NAPA during the HARDER program. HARDER’s work has been continued by the IMO. The Revised Text of SOLAS Chapter II-1 (SOLAS 2009) was adopted at MSC80 and amended at MSC 82.

Manager application

The NAPA Manager application concept was introduced for handling comprehensive processes. The Manager application handling probabilistic damage calculations in accordance with SOLAS Chapter II-1, Part B-1, Regulation 25-1 was the pioneer of this novel feature.

NAPA and SOLAS 2009

The Revised Text of SOLAS Chapter II-1, Parts A, B and B1 (known as SOLAS 2009 after it came into force 1 January 2009) has been included in NAPA since Release 2004.2. The Manager application compiled for this purpose enables fast evaluation of the subdivision index in accordance with the new rules. The application steers the entire process of performing probabilistic damage calculations. The definition tasks cover everything from defining and modifying the subdivision to damage generation in accordance with the rule’s requirements. The calculation tasks handle screening and implementation of the probability factors as well as the calculation and optimization of the attained index. The user can proceed with the calculations step-by-step in a logical order, as the entire process is presented on the main level of the application. Moreover, the transparency of the Manager applications helps the user to get a good overview of the task at hand.

As always, NAPA is following the situation closely, and as soon as IMO has finalized its work with the current issues concerning the revision of SOLAS 2009 also including amendments on RoRo passenger ships the new rules will be included in the source code of NAPA.

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