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Webinar: NAPA Logbook – The Future with Fleet Intelligence

In this webinar, learn about easy record-keeping, no duplicate work and efficient operations with electronic logbooks.

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New NAPA Logbook features for effortless reporting and compliance — onboard and onshore

Electronic logbooks can reduce your crew’s workload and help increase the efficiency and sustainability of your operations. In this session, our Director of Development for Safety Solutions, Tommi Vihavainen, talks about:

  • Electronic logbooks are becoming standard maritime equipment with IMO and Flag State acceptance.
  • Industry’s emerging needs: digitalization, operational data management and compliance
  • Demo: New NAPA Logbook – new technology, new UI, and new features
  • Leveraging logbook data on shoreside with APIs and  NAPA Fleet Intelligence, our cloud-based data platform:
    • One-click reporting, like EU-MRV, IMO-DCS, MARPOL and CII.  
    • Optimised Operations: Nautical Safety and Environmental Compliance
    • Historical data and Custom Reports to compare ships and improve performance.

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What is NAPA Logbook?

In a short sentence: It is an electronic logbook that helps you transition from paper logs to digital record-keeping. It reduces crew’s administrative workload (study says by up to 78%), eliminating errors, duplicate entries with automated data sync with other logbooks, onboard systems, and even sensor data. This frees up more time to focus on more important onboard activities like navigation, engine room activities, and such. So, it’s safe to say, it isn’t just another ‘basic’ electronic logbook.

Think of it as a centralized data capturing  and management system that systematically integrates all shipboard data at one place, and seamlessly shares this information with shoreside teams via our web-based solution, NAPA Fleet Intelligence. This not only makes reporting and compliance a cake walk, but builds a comprehensive data lake of the operational profile for the whole fleet. This profile can then be used to monitor, analyze and benchmark various safety and efficiency optimization activities – from daily voyage planning, streamlining nautical and technical processes to benchmarking sister ship performances and even validating long-term strategies like new ship designs and retrofitting new energy systems.

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