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WEBINAR: Discover Electronic Logbooks for automated, error-free entries

Welcome to the era of intelligent record-keeping with electronic logbooks!

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Easy, error-free, secure record-keeping with NAPA Logbook

Electronic logbooks can reduce your crew’s workload and help increase the efficiency and sustainability of your operations.

With an ever-increasing number of flag states giving a green signal to electronic record keeping, digital logbooks are on the same path as electronic charts were about half a decade ago. The reasons for switching to electronic logbooks are quite straightforward. Take, for instance, NAPA Logbook, which:

  • Saves time and reduces crew workload and chances of error by automating entries.
  • Simplifies ESG, MARPOL, and other Environmental and technical reporting.
  • Enables data sharing with shoreside in real-time.
  • Unlocks fleet’s untapped data for monitoring and analysis.

Sounds like a tool your fleet could use? Watch our on-demand webinar to know more.

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Jussi Siltanen,  Lead - Product Marketing, NAPA Safety Solutions

Jussi Siltanen, Lead – Product Marketing, NAPA Safety Solutions

Tommi Vihavainen, Director, Development, NAPA Safety Solutions

Tommi Vihavainen, Director, Development, NAPA Safety Solutions






What’s covered:

  • Introduction to electronic logbooks and the future of digital log-keeping
  • The New NAPA Logbook UI: Old favorites get a new look and new features added.
  • User cases: How Columbia Cruise Services uses logbook data on the shoreside.
  • User Q&A Session



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