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NAPA Safety Solutions – full steam ahead

By Jussi Siltanen, Senior Product Manager, NAPA Safety Solutions, NAPA Ltd.

In addition to the hardships of 2020 – with COVID-19 impacting global supply chains, stalling crew changeovers, and halting passenger travel – we have also seen an industry showing great resilience, adaptability and a drive to return bigger and better.

Cruise ships in port

Digitising operations and adopting smart solutions to optimise vessels and increase the safety of crew will be integral to the durability of our industry. Likewise, with ships in coming years likely to venture closer to the poles, and climate change causing increasing unpredictable weather conditions out at sea, the systems we depend upon to protect ships, and those onboard from harm, must continue to evolve.  

At NAPA, we continue to develop safety software solutions that futureproof your operations as well as increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and safeguarding lives. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, this year has been no exception. 

For example, in an industry first, we were recently awarded type approval by DNV GL, for our NAPA Loading Computer Type 4 and LCS(DC). Through the type approval and introduction of the sophisticated safety solution to the maritime market, we aim to lead the adoption of next generation loading computers, which assess damage in real-time with increased accuracy, and enhance industry safety standards. 

In addition, we continue to lead the flooding accident response team and make progress on the European Commission-funded FLARE project. For example, with the help of NAPA Fleet Intelligence, we recently found combining ship position data received from AIS, with sea weather conditions and bottom bathymetry, enabled us to further accurately depict real operating conditions. 

Most importantly we are offering free training webinars to support our friends in the cruise industry, such as our upcoming NAPA Webinar session Recalibrating a vessel’s loading condition with NAPA Loading Computer on Thursday November 5th. In doing so, we are aiming to contribute to the industry’s smooth transition when operations are back to normal. 

As we move closer to 2021, and prepare for the final quarter of the year, we will continue to work diligently to support our users and contribute towards a safer, stronger and smarter shipping industry.

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