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NAPA Webinar: Recalibrating a vessel’s loading condition with NAPA Loading Computer

November 5 (4:30 pm) – November 5, 2020 (5:30 pm)

With COVID-19 many cruise liners and passenger vessels are currently in long term lay-up; sat almost empty without their usual capacity of provisions and passengers. As a result, on resuming normal operations, the vessel’s loading condition will fail to reflect the actual vessel load and will require the recalibration of new loading conditions by the crew to ensure the safety of those on board.

Our free training webinar will therefore provide an overview and recap on the best ways to ensure that a vessel’s new loading condition is truly representative of the current load. In addition, our experts will also demonstrate how to build the first loading condition after not having passengers, provisions, or fuel on board for many months, through the effective use of the NAPA Loading Computer.

Our experts Henri Peltola and Jussi Siltanen will cover specific elements, such as:

  • How to fill tanks with sensors
  • How to fill tanks without sensors (manual soundings)
  • How to fill stores in the software
  • How to do a draft survey

Launched in 1993, NAPA Loading Computer is the industry benchmark for integrated decision support, with the software currently installed on over 2,000 ships across the global commercial and passenger fleet. Our ship stability solution is used by nearly all the major cruise lines, such as Kvarken Link, Windstar Cruises, and all nine Carnival Cruise line brands, as well as the ferry, RoRo, RoPax, StoRo, and LoLo operators.

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