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NAPA Release 2021.1

The new NAPA Release is out now!

NAPA Release 2021.1

We are excited to announce that our first NAPA Release of 2021 is now live. We will deliver at least two releases in 2021 and the first one focuses now on the usability and user experience of all NAPA products with a completely renewed licensing technology. The next one will focus on the functionality development and will be published in the end of 2021.

All the changes in the software can be found in the NAPA Release Notes 2021.1 document, which is delivered together with the installers.

New licensing technology

We have renewed and unified the licensing technology completely for all NAPA products. The licensing is based on the WIBU System’s CodeMeter technology. The technology has been in use already earlier with NAPA Drafting, NAPA Drafting Plugin for AutoCAD and NAPA parallel damage stability calculation.

The new licensing technology improves the license flexibility, eases the license management and upgrades the whole NAPA experience.


Easy client computer license management with network installations


License activation and management controlled by user organizations online


Increased performance with network installations*


Clear license monitoring interfaces


Offline license activation for offline environments


NAPA Server Database solution enables the usage of all databases quicker in the multi-user environments


Temporary offline use of floating licenses


Upgrade your licenses now!

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* The total performance improvement depends on the network connection and installation setup

License delivery and activation

The license is delivered with a ticket ID by NAPA Customer Service. The license is activated with the ticket ID, either on a server (network installations) or locally (standalone installations). The activation requires a network connection to NAPA’s licensing website. However, the activation can be also done for an offline computer, with another computer with a network connection, and the activated license can be then transferred to the offline environment.

After the activation, the licensing works either completely locally, or in the internal network between the clients and server hosting the license.

Backward compatibility of the new licensing

Due to the nature of our users’ work, very often an older release is needed to be used with a project. Therefore, for the smooth transition to the new licensing, we will patch several older NAPA versions (up to 2015.4) during the second half of 2021 to support also the new licensing.

The installation instructions chapter of NAPA Manuals provides more detailed information and instructions for the new licensing technology. NAPAnet‘s knowledge base will also contain useful videos guiding through the most important steps to set up the new licenses.

Other Important Updates in NAPA 2021.1

The NAPA Server Database solution has been upgraded to a newer version. NAPA, NAPA Designer and NAPA Drafting have been therefore also updated to support the newer version of NAPA ServerDB. The applications can still operate with older versions of NAPA ServerDB but it is recommended to update to the new version at earliest possible convenience. The new version of NAPA ServerDB is available in NAPAnet. All NAPA 2019-2020 versions have been also patched to support the new NAPA ServerDB version, together with the new licensing technology updates.

NAPA Drafting contains several improvements on the functionality, including the improved annotations and drawing details.

As usual, we have also included some critical error corrections and improvements in the release. More information on the updates can be found in NAPA Release Notes 2021.1.


Thank you for reading!


Ps. The new installers are available in NAPAnet for downloading, together with the relevant documentation.

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