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Insights and Events / NAPA User Webinars 2020

NAPA User Webinars

June 9-10, 2020

Webinar Recordings Available Now!

NAPA User Webinars gathered the user community together, now online. The set of webinar presentations provided information on the latest NAPA products, highlighted the hot topics and offered a possibility to meet the NAPA staff online.

Please find the details of the webinar presentations and webinar recording below.

If you missed the webinars, don’t miss the recordings!

NAPA Product News

The latest news on NAPA products, including the new features and improvements in NAPA. You will get an overview on the hot topics in the latest NAPA Software.

Stability with NAPA

The stability analysis workflow in NAPA, by applying the latest intact and damage stability regulations.

Hull Form Modelling Experience with NAPA

The NAPA hull form modelling has been taken into the new level with NAPA Designer. The 2020 versions will have additional functions and tools which make the modelling easier, faster and more efficient than ever before.

Structural Design with NAPA

NAPA Steel offers an unique and efficient structural design experience. The integration to design process has been made easy with the number of interfaces to other CAD and rule check software. The Finite Element Meshing has been developed into a new level with the new user interface in NAPA Designer.

This is especially for the those who are interested on the capabilities of NAPA Steel for structural design.

Latest Development of NAPA Steel

NAPA Designer 2020 versions contain many improvements which help to make the structural modeling experience unique with NAPA.

The latest improvements of Finite Element Meshing contain the manual and automatic meshing functions, to improve the meshing efficiency and quality.

The new interfaces to other systems integrate NAPA to the design process even better than before.

How about the latest development of NAPA Drafting? Check the video to see!