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Customer Speaks: Columbia Cruise Services is easing ESG reporting with Electronic Logbook

Vikram Dang of Columbia Cruise Services talks about using NAPA Logbook to make ESG, environmental and technical reporting automated, accurate and standardized on the shoreside.

As we all know, the industry has been embracing ESG-centric solutions in its operations for a while now. With the upcoming implementation of CII and EEXI reporting, along with green financing, and the need for further transparency, the value of accurate data collection and analysis is only becoming more apparent. In this complex environment, digital tools like the Electronic Logbook can take some pressure off the crew’s shoulders by easing data collection and reporting. 

At SMM 2022 in Hamburg, we had the privilege to catch up with one of our core partners and valued customers, Columbia Cruise Services, who have found an ingenious way to use the NAPA Logbook to make ESG, Environmental and other technical reporting accurate and easy, without disrupting the daily operations and processes already in place. 

In this quick eight-minute video, Vikram Dang, Deputy Head of Technical Department at Columbia Cruise Services, talks about:

  • Shifting from paper logs to NAPA’s electronic logbook. 
  • Reducing crew workload and easing data reporting with automated entries. 
  • Error-free and standardized record-keeping for the whole fleet. 
  • Improving situation awareness and decision-making based on real-time data. 
  • Easing claims handling with tamper-proof historic data from digital logs. 

Watch full interview:

In case you prefer to read, an extended version of the interview (with additional inputs via email) has been published HERE.

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