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NAPA Voyage Optimization to maximize savings onboard IINO Lines vessels sailing with Norsepower Rotor SailsTM  



The agreement between NAPA and IINO Lines highlights the benefits of data and digital technologies to optimize wind propulsion systems and accelerate green shipping.

Helsinki, Finland: 11 April 2024 – NAPA, a maritime software and data services expert, has agreed with IINO Lines, a leading ship owner and operator based in Tokyo, Japan, to provide NAPA Voyage Optimization onboard two vessels equipped with Norsepower Rotor SailsTM (NPRS™). This synergy will help harness the power of weather routing to maximize the fuel savings delivered by wind propulsion systems and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Panamax Coal Carrier

Iino Lines’ Panamax coal carrier

The agreement will cover two IINO Lines vessels, one Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) and one Panamax coal carrier. Beginning in Q2 this year, the ships will use NAPA Voyage Optimization as an in-depth simulation, evaluation, and operational route and speed optimization tool to maximize the efficiency gains and emissions savings that will be achieved by NPRS™. The tool is designed to enhance operational efficiency and minimize the emissions of the vessels by allowing for comprehensive comparisons of their performance across various routes and under different sea and weather conditions.

Very Large Gas Carrier


Initial studies demonstrate that both vessels will achieve about 3-4% fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions reductions, respectively, using NPRS™ alone. The collaboration with NAPA aims to harness the potential of voyage optimization to inform operational decision-making and additionally improve emissions reduction by 3-10% from the combination of advanced routing solutions and wind propulsion systems.

This approach is aligned with IINO Lines’ commitment to a greener maritime industry for carbon neutrality as part of its mid-term management plan, “The Adventure to Our Sustainable Future,” announced in May 2023. By mapping out tangible savings and using the power of digital technologies to optimize routes, ship owners and operators can maximize their return on investment and redirect capital towards further decarbonization initiatives as well as design and operational innovation.

Commenting on what this means for the industry, Pekka Pakkanen, Executive Vice President for Shipping Solutions at NAPA, said: “Decarbonization continues to open new avenues for collaboration across shipping. I’m proud of NAPA’s role in helping IINO Lines use optimization tools to tap into the full potential of wind propulsion. This partnership is key in advancing IINO Lines’ green ambition and giving more owners and operators the confidence to invest in accelerating shipping’s energy transition.”

“There are significant savings to be achieved by combining voyage optimization and wind propulsion. Using data allows us to unleash this potential, elevate collaboration and drive more efficient, greener and safer shipping.”

Ryuichi Osonoe, Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer at IINO Lines, added: “NAPA’s data insights and expertise have been invaluable in helping us map out our decarbonization strategy and maximize return on investment. Being able to simulate how our vessels will perform, how much fuel they will require, their emissions and so much more, even before a voyage has been made, are vital insights at a time of increasing market volatility and tightening regulations.”



About IINO Lines

IINO Lines is a Tokyo-based company founded in 1899 and runs Oceangoing shipping, Short-sea shipping and Real Estate businesses. In Oceangoing shipping business, IINO Lines provides services worldwide and transports energy resources and related products such as crude oil, LNG, LPG, petrochemicals and dry cargoes as a shipowner and operator. As of December 31, 2023, a total of 92 vessels are owned and operated by IINO Lines, including 4 VLCCs, 36 chemical tankers, 20 dry bulk carriers, 8 large gas carriers, and 24 small gas carriers.

IINO Lines has formulated the mid-term management plan, “The Adventure to Our Sustainable Future,” in May 2023, and is stepping up its efforts to address climate change and other sustainability issues with the reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions. In Shipping business, 20% reduction per ton-mile compared to FY2020, and in Real Estate business, 75% reduction in total amount compared to FY2013 by FY2030, and achieving the goal of carbon neutrality company-wide by 2050. We are aggressively investing in innovative technologies.

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About Norsepower

Norsepower Oy Ltd is a Finnish clean technology and engineering company pioneering modern auxiliary wind propulsion for the global maritime industry. The Norsepower Rotor Sail™ has been used by customers for nearly 10 years and has been proven as a low-maintenance, easy to use, and reliable fuel saving product, which is supporting the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.

For more information on the Norsepower Rotor Sail™ product, please visit:


About NAPA 

NAPA is a leading provider of software and digital services for the global maritime industry, harnessing data science to enable safer, more sustainable and future-proof shipping.

Founded in 1989 to provide smart solutions for ship design, NAPA is now the global reference in shipbuilding, with over 90% of new vessels built by NAPA customers. Today, the company’s expertise spans the entire lifecycle of a ship, from shipyards to operational safety and efficiency at sea. Over 3000 commercial ships globally sail with NAPA safety and efficiency solutions, which include digital ship stability systems that enable a proactive approach to safety at sea, cloud-based performance monitoring that delivers insights to unlock new operational efficiencies, and voyage optimization solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from voyages.

Headquartered in Finland, NAPA employs 200 experts and operates globally, with a presence in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, the USA, Germany, Greece, Romania and India.


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