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How does NAPA act on your feedback?

Ship operations solutions and services

Each year at NAPA, we reach out to all our customer contacts with a survey request to collect feedback. We want to listen to the experiences of all our end users, everybody that has been in touch with our Customer Service, or interacted with NAPA in any way – if you’ve worked with us at all, we want to hear from you!

This post reflects on the feedback we’ve received, and actions we’ve decided to take, following our latest survey on solutions and services for ship operations.

Feedback to improve services for ship performance and stability management

In this annual survey, we ask our stakeholders to rate how likely they would be to recommend NAPA as a company and our products to others, and we welcome open written feedback. Additionally, everyone that has been in touch with NAPA Customer Service is asked to review their experience in that area, too. In order to categorize what the feedback is about, we ask respondents to choose which NAPA services they have had experience with.

At NAPA, this survey feedback is always eagerly anticipated and highly appreciated. We track how the experience rating has evolved over years, all verbal feedback is carefully read and discussed within the respective teams, and action plans made in order to keep what is regarded good, and to work on the areas that our users would like us to improve.

User interface improved for ship performance analysis and voyage optimization

The user experience for NAPA customers has been improving steadily over time. In 2018, all service areas achieved more positive ratings than previously. In the areas of ship performance monitoring, analysis and voyage optimization, customers told us they valued NAPA’s high level of expertise, and highlighted certain specific features that provided real value to their business, such as visibility to the actual fuel consumption of each fuel consumer on board a vessel at any time. We also received promising feedback for the ongoing development of NAPA Voyage Optimization, and the way we are making our monitoring and analysis services more modular and easier to approach for a new user.

Over the past few years, users have told us they appreciate our powerful and flexible analysis tools, but that they’d like to see reduced complexity of our user interfaces, making our products easier for new users to get to grips with. Therefore, as we have developed NAPA Fleet Intelligence services, we have invested in easy to use data visualization and analysis, in addition to the powerful data exploration possibilities. We have also completely renewed NAPA Voyage Optimization.

Support queue handling and maintenance services improved for safety and stability management services

In regards to stability and safety services, we received positive feedback overall on the expertise embedded in our services and the user-friendliness of our onboard solutions. In addition to the customer survey feedback, we conducted user interviews and testing with over 100 Officers onboard a range of vessels – a collaborative project that we will be continuing.

Our users told us that they would like to see better availability of our customer service experts. Therefore, we’ve streamlined how our Customer Service works over email and phone. Contact and requests from our customers now get processed at one central point, so that we can direct them immediately to the best possible expert.

We also received feedback telling us that certain customers would like to see regular services and checks onboard. Based on this, we now offer a tailored maintenance service covering desired services and checks for any NAPA solutions operations.

We’d like to thank everyone who provided feedback in the annual customer survey for 2018. Thanks to you, we’ve totally renovated our solutions related to ship performance monitoring, analysis and optimization, and boosted our maintenance services and service expert allocation. We’re proud to have such an enthusiastic, committed community of users to help guide our development and make sure our products and services are the very best they can be! We’ll be running another survey towards the end of 2019 – and you can always get in touch with our Customer Service if you have a suggestion.

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