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Elevating Ferry Efficiency with Advanced Cargo and Stability Management 

NAPA Stability for Ferries GNV Tallink Silja

NAPA Stability for Ferries being trailed onboard Tallink Silja Lines’ M/S Baltic Queen and MS Silja Serenade. Picture credit: Tallink Silja Lines

Earlier this week, we launched NAPA Stability for Ferries at Shippax Conference 2024, onboard Tallink Silja Lines’ M/S Baltic Queen. Not so incidentally, the ferry was already trailing the solution.

Delivering on the conference theme, “Safety, security and digitalization”, our Chief Stability Officer, Markus Tompuri gave his presentation on how we’ve elevated ferry efficiency with our new advanced cargo and stability management solution, which can be seen on GNV’ fleet and is being trialled with Tallink Silija.

[Download the Presentation]

The advanced Type 4 approved NAPA Stability is an answer to ferries industries unique operational stability needs such as frequent loading and unloading, multiple arrivals and departures daily, route-specific challenges, sustainability, reporting and compliance, as well as cargo management.

The new cargo loading feature, for example, helps make stability and loading calculations faster, easier and more reliable for better safety and time savings, despite tight schedules. While the new Water on Deck calculations helps with more precise damage stability management with results at-a-glance.

NAPA need for data transparency and ship-to-shore communication. Thus, NAPA Stability onboard system connects to the shoreside with our cloud-data platform, NAPA Fleet Intelligence, allowing the continuous monitoring and dynamic adjustment of the ship’s stability parameters in real-time by crew and shoreside teams alike. This enables enhanced operational efficiency and better-informed decision-making for safe and smooth voyages.

Together, these features will help improve fleet safety and efficiency, both onboard and on the shoreside.

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