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[Webinar] Time to learn: Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria

April 26 (11:00 am) – April 26, 2024 (11:45 am)

Join us for a webinar designed to prepare maritime professionals for the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria (SGISC). 

  • 📅 April 26, Friday
  • 🕒  09.00 – 09.45 UK / 10.00 – 10.45 Central Europe / 11.00 – 11.45 Eastern Europe

The long-running theme in IMO to improve the intact stability criteria reached its milestone when the Explanatory Notes for the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria was also published last year. Interesting to note is, that when the way requirements are calculated changes significantly, it can place designers in uncharted waters where previous experience no longer provides comfort, and new experience needs to be gained. This is not something new. About 20 years ago with SOLAS 2009, the damage stability requirements also changed from largely deterministic calculations to probabilistic.

Join our Lead Technical Consultant, Daniel Lindroth, for an in-depth exploration of SGISC. He’ll guide you through a comprehensive understanding of what SGISC entails, highlight its importance in today’s environment, and share ideas for navigating the transition to these new requirements smoothly.

Do you feel confident with the requirements of these new criteria?

Join us to re-cap what the Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria is about, and why exploring them now is essential to ensure the success of future designs.



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