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Nuri On

Nuri On, Technical Consultant, started at NAPA Korea in March 2018 as an intern. Before NAPA, Nuri’s background was in liquefied natural gas fueled ship research for the Korean Maritime and Ocean University; her role now, as a Technical Consultant, involves carefully listening to customers needs and finding a suitable and a flexible solution to the situation at hand, aiming to exceed their expectations.

Technical Consultant Nuri On at NAPA Korea office

Technical Consultant Nuri On at NAPA Korea office

Due to strengthened environmental regulations and the needs for cost efficiency, the complexity of ship design is increasing exponentially. At the same time, many ship operators are seeking ways to improve ships’ safety and operational efficiency. Nuri feels that for a company to successfully navigate such an unpredictable and challenging environment, flexibility is the most important factor – and that is what first sparked her interest in NAPA.

At NAPA, there are many competent colleagues in computer science, naval architecture and marine engineering, to mention a few, and we are always communicating with one another to solve the problem in an efficient way. “I like that kind of working environment”, says Nuri.

Nuri would totally recommend NAPA for all enthusiastic and self-motivated people. The self-managed organization model means you must find it in yourself to be proactive, and make your own decisions. Her Korean colleagues all contribute to an enjoyable working environment and NAPA is a global company, which requires active communications; and that is exactly what makes the sense of community so strong.