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Madalina Oprea

Madalina Oprea, Technical Consultant, has worked at NAPA Romania since 2017. She initially joined as an intern, and when the 6-month intern period was completed, she had the opportunity to join NAPA as a Technical Consultant. In this role she started to learn about working closely with NAPA’s customers as well as working with NAPA software.

In her permanent position she started to create emergency computer models (ECM), which are used by the emergency computer system used on board cruise ships to find out if the ship is operating in a safe way.  The emergency models create clear visuals for the staff onboard to see at a glance how things are going and how different kind of ship operation scenarios would pan out.

Madalina really enjoys her job. She and her team members are constantly refining and further developing the technical details related to their work and being in direct contact with the customers and getting their valuable perspective helps to gather the front-line feedback and focus on the right things to do.

Madalina feels NAPA is a unique kind of a company due to the self-managed organization model. “Teal organization means taking responsibility and holding your own ball. It’s an opportunity to see if one really can be their own boss, not just waiting for somebody to give you orders”, Madalina states.

The most valuable thing she has learnt during her time at NAPA is to continuously improve her skills in addition to organizing her present work tasks. English language skills are required on a daily basis, which, being a non-native speaker, made Madalina a little nervous at first. Over time, she feels she has overcome this by becoming much more confident towards communicating with her global colleagues openly.

Madalina would recommend NAPA as a work place to other young professionals, because NAPA allows young people to express themselves and their ideas. It’s an independent, low hierarchy environment, which helps them in the early stages of a career. Madalina says that her top one experience so far has been the opportunity to travel to NAPA’s office in Busan, South-Korea – “it was a dream come true for me”.