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Kyung-Ho Choi

Kyung-Ho Choi is a Commissioning Engineer at NAPA Korea. He is responsible for complex NAPA solution deliveries, which includes planning, scheduling, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Software installation, commissions to ships and user training are also very important elements of this role.

Kyung-Ho rates the interaction with NAPA’s customers after a successful commissioning or a user training as the best part of his role – becoming confident that a customer is satisfied with NAPA’s products and services gives a genuine sense of satisfaction.

The real challenge of the Commissioning Engineer’s role comes from the many variables that affect scheduling in ship building and operation, which make quick, flexible decision-making essential.

Maintaining contact with the rest of the organization whilst travelling for work is made easy with several communication tools online, so Kyung-Ho does not feel like he is missing out on anything. Commissioning NAPA solutions is a joint effort together with the rest of the team and it requires careful planning together with the different stakeholders. “Colleagues are always there to help”, sums up Kyung-Ho.

Commissioning engineering is a role for people who are self-motivated, positive thinkers and enjoy working in a team. Software and hardware expertise help too. The perks of the job include travel, and possibilities to visit some exotic places that you perhaps otherwise would not go to. Kyung-Ho explains that after having travelled to the other side of the world to Romania with three different flights, then driving a car in a country previously unfamiliar to him, he never expected to find a place that felt like a second home to him.