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Jaakko Carlstedt

Jaakko Carlstedt, Software Developer, initially started to work for NAPA in the summer of 2017. After the summer trainee period, Jaakko stayed in touch with NAPA, writing his master thesis with us. This allowed him to apply knowledge from university in practice, closing the loop in concluding his studies.

Encouraged by his thesis advisor, Jaakko then applied for a permanent position in software development via an internal recruitment opportunity. Jaakko’s specific interest in software drew him to working with NAPA, as opposed to a career in ship design.

Jaakko Carlstedt

Jaakko sees the value of his studies in the professional career he has had so far. His university studies prepared him well for the work that he now does, and during his time at NAPA, Jaakko has also acquired more self-confidence and takes pride in quickly picking up further knowledge and expertise from his co-workers.

Jaakko would recommend NAPA to other young professionals as a potential work place, because here you will be surrounded by intelligent people operating in a self-managed organization. At NAPA, everyone is oriented towards developing themselves and their skills, in addition to developing their colleagues and the work we do together in teams.