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About NAPA / NAPA Quality Policy

NAPA Quality Policy

NAPA Group provides the marine industry with life-critical software and service solutions for ship design and ship operation. NAPA software calculations are used for assuring safety onboard and in analyzing the technical risks of considerable financial naval engineering investments.

Target Market Focus

To further strengthen the position as a global market and technology leader we focus strongly on the needs of our target market for each product by maximizing the impact of our resources in achieving excellent product / service-market fit. We serve other markets and segments with standard offering and normal high standards. The driver for all our business is superior customer experience (CX) and high Net Promotor Score value. We develop reliable software with first-class usability in a sustainable manner.

Deep knowledge and understanding of the target market is gained through close cooperation with selected key customers representing the market.

People and Leadership

We are recognized experts in the marine industry. We conduct business promptly, with a professional and innovative approach. Reliability first is our key value. Common goals are achieved through effective organizational synergy. We strive to grow together by learning, communicating and interacting with communities around us. Employees are empowered through personal responsibility, competence and motivation. Leadership at NAPA means a superior domain and customer understanding, the ability to inspire and motivate others to act towards a clear vision, and skills to combine these in daily work.

Towards Excellence

Quality is systematically built into our daily actions. Working software is our primary measure of progress. NAPA management and personnel are committed to continuously improving our agile way of working. This ongoing journey will enable us to deliver value-adding services and solutions to our customers also in the future. The NAPA Group process-based management system covers all products, business areas and corporate operations globally. It complies with all requirements for quality management systems in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.