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NAPA's electronic logbook approved on board Finnish-flagged vessels

October 12, 2017 12:42

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency has approved the use of NAPA’s electronic logbook, NAPA Logbook, aboard Finnish-flagged vessels. NAPA Logbook meets the requirements set out in the Finnish Maritime Code, the Agency’s Regulation on Ships’ Log Books, and the requirements set out in SOLAS/V regulation 28 and IMO Resolution A.916(22). It can thus be taken into use by shipowners without the need for separate authorization procedures.


NAPA is the world's leading provider of electronic logbooks. For over 10 years, NAPA Logbook has been used aboard vessels sailing under various flags, serving nearly 8,000 users, and is approved by over 20 major flag states. NAPA Logbook complies with current international maritime regulations and laws.

The use of an electronic logbook follows the same principles as the traditional paper logbook, but brings significant benefits to its users in terms of time savings, data validation and data sharing. NAPA Logbook can store all types of data, including the information required to be logged under the upcoming International Ballast Water Convention. The system can store and maintain information as required by the Convention - it cannot be deleted, destroyed or replaced.

"With NAPA Logbook, data entry is controlled, reducing the possibility of errors significantly," says Tommi Vihavainen, Development Director of NAPA Safety Solutions. "NAPA Logbook saves a lot of time for crew and masters, as much of the data is entered automatically. Routine tasks, including those relating to departure and arrival checklists are also easily handled via the electronic logbook. It also allows for advance information to be verified, recorded and retrieved afterwards”, Vihavainen continues.

"The electronic logbook is one very important part of the digitalisation of shipping" points out Jussi Siltanen, Product Manager of NAPA Safety Solutions. "A good example of how our customers are taking advantage of the potential of digitalisation is managing their environmental reporting automatically, based on their logbook feeds. Now ships sailing under the Finnish flag can take full advantage of NAPA Logbook and its benefits," Siltanen adds.

The NAPA Logbook has been developed in cooperation with maritime professionals. Together with other NAPA Safety Solutions’ solutions, it significantly contributes to the safety and efficiency of shipping.

For more information: https://www.napa.fi/Ship-Operations/Logbook

Product Manager
Jussi Siltanen
jussi.siltanen [ at ] napa.fi
tel. +358 50 486 0007

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NAPA's electronic logbook approved on board Finnish-flagged vessels+