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ClassNK-NAPA GREEN Optimization

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN offers a new level of eco-efficiency and business
insight for ship owners, operators and charterers. It is a total solution for planning, monitoring and follow-up of ship operations and helps its users to realize operational savings through increased awareness, trim and voyage optimization and performance analysis – while never compromising safety.

Excellent voyage execution through route, speed and trim recommendations

  • Accurate voyage planning  based on static, dynamic and adaptive trim optimization, voyage planning, weather routing and speed profile optimization
  • Adaptive Dynamic Performance model combined with 3D ship model for superior precision
  • Management of hull fouling and propulsion resistance
  • Analyzing fleet performance on normalized figures of multiple weather and sea conditions
  • Conducting and analyze full-scale performance and trim tests
  • Evaluate effects of paints, propulsion and hull modifications

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN Optimization key features

  • NAPA Voyage Optimization, fuel consumption optimization through speed profile, engine configuration and route recommendation
  • NAPA Analytics Services for analyzing hull and propeller condition
  • NAPA OptiFloat trim optimization system
  • NAPA Dynamic Performance Model, adapts to measured ship characteristics
  • NAPA Real Time Monitoring, combined and customizable onboard display of data from various ship systems
  • NAPA Voyage Reporting for automatic creation of voyage reports
  • Fleet performance and voyage data available ashore through the NAPA Office Portal
  • NAPA Ship Server, centralized server for data automation and synchronization
  • Electronic logbook can be integrated as additional module

Tools for dynamic and adaptive trim optimization, voyage

Analytics services based on normalized performance figures

Real time monitoring and recording of ship and fleet data


For ship owners

All-in-one solution from planning to follow-up, increasing the marketability of the vessel and generating savings.

For technical departments

Enhancing the vessel management by centralized fleet operational and performance data for better transparency and control.


For ship operators and charterers

Performance optimization and automated reports enable benchmarking and full control of fleet utilization and decreasing operating costs.

For shipyards

Feedback of real vessel performance and operational profiles. Imagine obtaining sea trial results throughout the vessel´s lifetime!

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