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ウェビナー動画:運航効率を最大化するためのNAPA運航計画支援システム紹介 (英文)


Webinar hosted by Riviera Maritime Media; NAPA among panelists

Teemu Manderbacka, Senior Research Engineer in NAPA Shipping Solutions, was involved in an expert panel to discuss voyage planning in a webinar hosted by Riviera Maritime Media. This webinar was part of Vessel Optimisation Webinar Week. Panelists in the webinar were representing different viewpoints to voyage planning: ship management, ship owner and operator, as well as voyage optimization software and service providers.

Topics discussed in the webinar were:

  • Pre-planning of passage plans
  • Voyage optimization from the viewpoint of use of software, weather routing, navigation aids and best practices
  • En route monitoring of speed, cargo, fuel management, maintenance and port delays
  • Post-voyage analysis and use of collected data for future voyages

Especially delightful was to hear some practical real-life examples of utilizing NAPA Voyage Optimization, as presented by Raoul de Troije, Technical Director at Van Weelde Shipping Group. He shared a clever way to utilize weather routing in voyage pre-planning to play around with scenarios to find best time and place for hull cleaning!


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