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テクニカルコンサルタント/ Technical Consultant


NAPA Japan

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Join us as a Technical Consultant in NAPA Japan

Are you looking for an exciting technical assistant job to make paradigm change in shipbuilding design? Shipbuilding design is in the middle of change from 2D-based to 3D-based design, and NAPA is leading the change especially at early design stage. You will have a chance to contribute to this historical change by supporting customers and expanding our products in Japan.

About NAPA

In its over 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in developing and scaling software, services, and data analysis for a safer, smarter, and more sustainable maritime industry. NAPA operates globally, with 190 employees in ten countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. To date, NAPA has 420 user organizations for its design solutions, nearly 3,000 installations onboard vessels and a growing number of subscribers for its cloud-based fleet services.

Napa Japan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAPA, aiming for providing high level service to our customers in Japan.


職務 / Description of the role

NAPA設計ソフトに関するNAPA Steel担当のテクニカルコンサルタントで、主に日本国内の以下の職務を行う。

Technical Consultant for NAPA Steel with the following tasks, mainly for NAPA Ship Design Software customers in Japan:

  • 主に日本国内のユーザーからの問い合わせ対応
    Service desk work (main focus is NAPA Steel customer service in Japan)
  • ユーザー向けトレーニングの実施・構築
    NAPA Steel trainings for customers (incl. training material preparation)
  • ユーザーと密に連絡を取りながら、より効率よく、より高度にNAPAを使用できるように支援
    Keep close liaison with our customers so that users can use NAPA more effectively and in more advanced way
  • カスタマープロジェクトの取りまとめ (導入時ベンチマーク、カスタマイズプロジェクト等)
    Coordination of NAPA Steel related service projects (e.g. NAPA Steel benchmark, customization project)
  • ビジネス開発、R&Dプロジェクトの推進
    Business development, R&D (CNK development projects etc.)
  • ユーザーからのフィードバック等に基づいて、開発と協力しながらのソフトの改善活動
    Team up with development force to pursue continuous improvement by taking user’s feedback and needs
  • 営業・マーケティング活動 (含 セミナーの開催準備)
    Sales & marketing (incl. organization of User Seminar)


要求事項 / What we expect from you

  • 船舶構造設計の知識 (基本設計と詳細設計の両方の知識で、実務経験を有することが望ましい)
    Knowledge of structural design for shipbuilding (Preferably, both basic and detail design with actual experience)
  • 業務・学習に対する積極的な姿勢
    Proactive attitude for the work and learning
  • 新しい成長分野に対する柔軟で創造的な思考能力
    Innovative & flexible mindset for new growing area
  • プロジェクト管理能力
    Project programming
  • プログラミング技能
    Skill for customization
  • 十分な日本語、及び英語のコミュニケーションスキル
    Good communication skills in both Japanese and English

勤務場所 / Job location

兵庫県神戸市 (応相談) / Kobe, Hyogo (Negotiable)

勤務形態: フルタイム / Job type: Full-time

NAPA as an employer

Meaningful work

We are proud to play our part in creating a sustainable world, and a career at NAPA means working with a purpose. We focus on building the best possible products for our customers, with whom we have close and long-lasting relationships. We protect the environment and human life at sea by powering safer and greener vessels with our technology.

NAPA way of working

We are a self-managed organization. Everyone is here to help and guide each other, but you’re your own boss. The core of our self-management philosophy is trust. We trust our employees to make the right decisions and take care of their personal growth. We provide several opportunities for that, and everyone can manage their own working time. You can work at the office, from home or even while abroad.

Enjoy working together

…is one of our core values. Learning from and respecting each other provides a healthy and pleasant working environment. We, as NAPArians, share our knowledge and help each other when needed. NAPA has offices and customers around the world, and you will be able to meet people from many different cultures. We are a diverse family with a shared goal.

Read more about our values and culture:

Ready to get on board and join the NAPA crew?

We kindly ask You to send your application and CV to us by clicking Apply now button as soon as possible as the position will be filled once a suitable candidate has been found.

For more information about the position, please get in touch with Kazunori Aoki
by e-mail:

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