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NAPA Fleet Intelligence

Turn Data Into Valuable Insight

Use NAPA Fleet Intelligence and Voyage Optimization to get the best out of Fleet Data

Being able to collect large amount of data from ships means nothing as such, the real value comes out of utilizing the data for meaningful measures to analyze and optimize the performance.

NAPA Fleet Intelligence enhances the use and value of the data collected from the ships. It provides tools for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the performance of your vessels. NAPA Voyage Optimization is a module of NAPA Fleet Intelligence connecting all the stakeholders in the voyage planning phase, providing them the insight and advice how to optimally execute a voyage, taking into account each vessels’ specific performance level and the prevailing conditions, such as weather and currents during the voyage.

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NAPA Fleet Intelligence trial for the users of Inmarsat Fleet Data

As the first certified application provider for Fleet Data, NAPA provides a trial of NAPA Fleet Intelligence capabilities for the users of Inmarsat Fleet Data. The scope of the trial can extend from Voyage Optimization to high level Performance Analytics, depending on the data set available from your vessel.

A 6 month trial is available for all conventional vessels above 30 000 DWT, such as tankers, bulkers, dry cargo ships, car carriers and container ships. The service will be available from the beginning of May 2019.

You can utilize the unique combination of Inmarsat Fleet Data and NAPA Fleet Intelligence and Voyage Optimization regardless of which signals you collect with Fleet Data. The basic service can be started with only a minimum set of data, but it can be expanded to very detailed performance analysis and modelling, given you collect also propulsion power and fuel consumption using Fleet Data.

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How to get it? Request your trial now!

Simply click the trial request button below and fill in your contact information and the IMO numbers of the ships you desire to trial with.

Access and instructions will be provided to you shortly.

NAPA Fleet Intelligence for Inmarsat Fleet Data trial request

“We are delighted that NAPA will be our first certified application provider for Fleet Data and this partnership.

The NAPA application will help overcome key difficulties faced by those frustrated with the challenge of aggregating vessel data on-board and getting it efficiently onshore to improve fuel optimization.”

Stefano Poli, VP, Business Development, Inmarsat Maritime

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