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NAPA Webinar: Top 10 Tips and Tricks for NAPA Loading Computer Users

December 1 (4:30 pm) – December 1, 2020 (5:30 pm)

Are you a NAPA Loading Computer user interested in learning our top tips and tricks to get more out of your stability management software?

Our Service Manager and Trainer Tuomas Häkkinen and Senior Product Manager Jussi Siltanen will be running a free webinar detailing their best practices for operating selected areas of the stability software, to ensure you are making the most of your system. The session will provide unique insight on the topics below:

  • Draft surveys
    • Different ways of defining damage in NAPA
    • Analyzing damage results
    • Saving damage cases
  • Damage module
    • How to make proper drafts survey?
    • Which effects to unknown deadweight and what is reasonable unknown deadweight?
    • Common issues with unknown deadweight
    • Shelter water in draft survey
  • Balance tool
    • How to use it?
    • Why to use it?
    • When to use it?

Launched in 1993, NAPA Loading Computer is the industry benchmark for integrated decision support, with the software currently installed on over 2,000 ships across the global commercial and passenger fleet. Most recently, it was the first in the industry to receive DNV GL type approval for the NAPA Loading Computer Type 4 and LCS(DC), developed to increase safety standards across the maritime industry. To ensure that best practice is followed, and in line with the newly enforceable regulation, NAPA will now only deliver Type 4 compliant software for passenger ships.

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