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Mila Hälinen

Mila Hälinen, Legal and Logistics Specialist at NAPA Finland, works closely with NAPA’s sales and service teams by supporting them in account management, project management, contractual matters and logistics documentation tasks. The benefit of a job role like this is that it is versatile. Contract management is directly related to what I studied, but the different tasks bring variety to my workdays, explains Mila.

“I want to do meaningful work that matters in a bigger context.”

Mila Hälinen, Legal and Logistics Specialist

Mila wanted to establish a career in the maritime industry because it is a huge industry that bears significance for environmental issues. She feels that there is a chance to impact these things through her work. “The motivation for the daily work for me comes from the results and setting up the work for achieving the targets,” says Mila.

During her NAPA career, Mila has held a couple of different job roles, starting from Business Support Assistant whilst she was still writing her Master’s Thesis for a law degree at Lund University, and after graduation, taking up her current job role as a Legal and Logistics Specialist. Mila finds it useful that she has seen different kinds of work tasks related to these different job roles because it gives her a broader perspective on her current job. It makes her a better colleague in the present moment and, in the future, a better leader, she reckons.

What was initially attractive to Mila about NAPA as an employer was that NAPA seemed a modern, equal, and well-developed working environment. Having studied maritime and contract law, NAPA appeared to be a great fit to practice and develop her skills and competencies. Moreover, Mila has found Naparians to be warm and full of knowledge. “We support each other in our roles but also share how we are doing in our personal lives,” Mila says.

“I appreciate most the amazing people that I get to work with. It is not just the printed value of “Enjoy working together” (one of NAPA’s values), but we actually do. My colleagues have become trusted friends.”

Mila’s advice to others is that if one would like to work in a respected software company where you are valued, your work life is in great balance with your personal life, and you learn something new every day from your colleagues; NAPA is the place to be.

“NAPA might be a fairly small company, but everyone in this industry knows us. Good reputation travels fast and stays long.”