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Jing Chen

For Jing Chen, a Commissioning Engineer at NAPA China, a lot of her time at work is spent on commissioning trips aboard of a variety of ships in South East Asia, both commissioning NAPA systems and maintaining them.

The most enjoyable aspect of Jing Chen’s job is making things work for the customers, while the challenge in this line of work comes from the timing; at times, the time to conduct the delivery on the ship is very limited. Jing Chen needs to make sure everything is done on time, whatever the time span at any given commissioning trip might be!

Although the places of work change all the time in commissioning engineering, “a shipyard still remains a shipyard”, says Jing Chen. Whilst on the move, she keeps connected to the rest of the organization via a variety of teamworking apps, ensuring that the rest of the team is ready to support her in any eventuality.

Jing Chen would recommend a commissioning engineer position to anyone with a background in similar work. She does not feel that being a woman in a predominantly male orientated environment impacts her way of working, and encourages any woman interested in software development to consider this as a career.