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Business Savvy Integrations Developer


Helsinki, Finland

Type of Employment

Permanent, full-time

We are seeking an Integrations Developer for our office in Helsinki, Finland.

Your job will contain plugin and script development to support a consistent and integrated user experience for NAPAs customers and other stakeholders. You will develop the sales and marketing customer portal. Your role is very independent and you get to map out how to best get to the wanted results. NAPA has been working hard to get a state-of-the-art Netsuite ERP-system and now we need you to glue the bits and pieces together. You will work with NetSuite, Atlassian Tools, AWS Lambda Functions, however, you don’t have to have experience from all of them.

The position can be tailored based on your skills and preferences, but in a nutshell you will:

  • Get the different internal sales and marketing systems to speak with each other and thus create a customer portal with great user experience!
  • Integrate and extend 3rd party systems to work well with the internal system. Functionalities include payment portals, customer information and data storage

Depending on your preferences the role could also include:

  • Collecting requirements
  • Architecture
  • Testing

In this position, you can learn about DevOps if it’s interesting for you!

You will be part of two teams. You will join a virtual DevOps team, where all people are working in order to provide company-wide support for development and provide your services as part of the Business Support team.

Nearly all new ships are built with NAPA software – would you like to work in a world-leading company? NAPA is a truly international company, with diverse opportunities to develop yourself and your professional skills, as well as a possibility to work with the latest technologies. Agile methods and modern cloud-based solutions are the status quo at NAPA. The management model is self-organizing, which means you will have great flexibility; you can manage yourself and work independently. At NAPA there is great trust you are responsible for your work and look forward to contributing to NAPA success as a team member and an individual. NAPA also provides you a wide range of employee benefits.

How to apply?

You can apply to this position contacting Juan Fernandez from Finders Seekers at or by telephone +358 40 757 6979.