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Software Developer Trainee



We are currently looking for a young talent to join our development team, which improves our existing offering and innovates new solutions for making shipping smarter. Our products are used on ship boards to improve safety at sea and so this unusual environment will provide you with unique and significant work.

What we expect from you

It would be good if you are a M.Sc. or B.Sc. student in the field of computer science or similar. As a Software Developer Trainee, your main tasks will be developing and assisting other developers in various day-to-day tasks and operations. As we operate in an international environment, you need to have an excellent level of written and spoken English.

What we offer

We are offering you interesting & challenging tasks in an international company, diverse opportunities to develop yourself and your professional skills as well as possibility to work with the latest technologies in the software industry. We have flex time and motivating salary & benefits of a stable and agile company. Our working environment is youthful, relaxed and modern.

How to apply

Please choose one (or more) of the following assignments.


Assignment #1
Create an application that can be used to manage 3 levels of data: users, ships and captains. It must support CRUD operations (insert/update/delete) on each level. Each user has one or more ships assigned to them. There is one captain assigned to each ship. Use the following technologies: Angular5, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java/C#, SQL. 
Send the database scripts along the source code.

Assignment #2
Develop a Java calculator that can calculate expressions with real numbers like:
((1.2 + 2.34 * 3.45 - 4.56) * 5.6 + 6.7 * (7 + 8) + 9 - 10 + 11 + 12 / 3) * 2
More Details

  • The calculator must calculate ANY expression, not just the one listed above
  • Do NOT use libraries that already solve the problem (or part of it)
  • You should be able to use the calculator like this (expression is a string): double result = Calculator.calculate (expression);
  • You get bonus points if you add good unit tests
  • Do NOT cheat! If we find that you did so you will be automatically disqualified. We prefer to see your honest attempt to solve the problem even though it’s not perfect.
  • The email attachment must contain the source code in a zip archive named: firstname_lastname.zip (DON’T include the binary files)

Assignment #3
<ship name="MyShip" type="Container" imoNumber="IMO1234567">
             <captain id="1" name="John" surname="Doe" role="admin"/>
                         <firstOfficer id="2" name="Alan" surname="Smith" role="supervisor"/>
                         <secondOfficer id="3" name="James" surname="Williams" role="view"/>
                         <chiefEngineer id="4" name="Robert" surname="Davis" role="supervisor"/>
                         <cook id="5" name="Michael" surname="Wilson" role="none"/>
                         <secondOfficer id="6" name="Charles" surname="Miller" role="view"/>

Create a project developed in Java that loads, validates and modifies the above XML file. 
Modifications will be done using XSL Transformation. Validations will be done using XSD.
The program needs to be run from command line, print validation exceptions if any and output the modified XML file. Use of third-party libraries is allowed.
The XML file will be loaded as a resource from the same folder in which the jar file is saved.


  1. Delete any <secondOfficer> with id greater than 5.
  2. Change <captain> name and surname with your own name.
  3. Validate that <captain> exists. Optional: validate that only one <captain> exists.
  4. Validate that <ship> has "imoNumber". Optional: check that it follows the standard. Starts with 'IMO' and is followed by 7 digits.

The job is located in Galati, Romania.

For more information about NAPA, please visit www.napa.fi. For more information about the positions, please contact bogdan.chelariu [ at ] napa.fi.

Interested? Please e-mail your English written application, CV and the assignment by 2 April 2018 to recruitment_romania [ at ] napa.fi

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