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NAPA as an Employer

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Kazunori Aoki, Technical Consultant, Service Desk, Japan


My name is Kazunori Aoki, and I’m part of the service desk team at NAPA’s Japan office. My role is to support customers using NAPA’s ship design solutions. In addition to taking care of questions from customers, I also visit customers to give proactive support, suggesting ways that they could further enhance their experience with the product.

I’ve currently been with NAPA for around a year. Before joining NAPA, I had worked at a shipyard for 12 years as a ship designer, having joined straight from university. I was engaged in various kinds of design work, such as stability calculations using NAPA, and outfitting design, especially for the cargo handling and fuel gas supply systems of LNG carriers.

Besides ship design, I am also experienced in the development of design tools and systems, including NAPA macros and Managers – small applications within the software that can automate certain processes. I enjoyed the work of ship design a lot, but I also enjoyed developing these design tools and systems. At NAPA, I can be involved in the development of design solutions and systems while fully utilizing my experience, skills and knowledge from the maritime industry. I really enjoy this aspect of the job.

I also like that I can help ship designers and their businesses through customer support work. As I have worked earlier as a ship designer the challenges of the job are familiar to me. Helping to improve the design process is really fulfilling for me.

What I enjoy about working for NAPA is that it has a culture of self-management, which means that people can positively engage in many different aspects of the business, with real responsibility. NAPA also has a friendly atmosphere, in which everyone can talk and discuss issues frankly regardless of age or nationality.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family – I have two five year-olds and an eight year-old. Now that my children are growing up and we can be more active, I’m planning a lot of activities with them, such as hiking on mountain, fishing, camping and so on.

Minsu Park, Service Manager, Korea


I’m Minsu Park, and I’m a Service Manager at NAPA, which means that my role is to listen to customers’ voices during the service and sales process. Previous to working at NAPA, I worked at SAAB Tank Radar AB for four years, during which time I worked with NAPA on many different kinds of vessels, the most memorable of which was the AKPO FPSO project. I initially had a great impression from NAPA because of their cool logo – I thought it was a really catchy design! As I worked with them, it was clear that NAPA engineers enjoyed their jobs, and it seemed like a fantastic place to work.

Initially I joined NAPA as a commissioning engineer, and worked in the commissioning team for four years. In my current role, I wear a lot of different hats.

My tasks are related to services, sales and delivery globally. This means working closely with customers, training them and sharing knowledge, and making sure they are getting the most of the software. I also monitor delivery volumes and budgets, coach sales representatives, support customers’ technical divisions, and make sure feedback gets back to product development teams.

Most of my current roles are related to my previous role. As I’ve learned how NAPA’s systems work from my time in the commissioning team, I’m now able to help our customers based on my knowledge. One of the good things about working at NAPA is the chance to rotate jobs. This means I can utilize my technical knowledge in a new area, even though sales is new to me.

I like NAPA’s working atmosphere, and the way that suggestions to colleagues can become fully realised ideas, no matter where they originate. At NAPA, even if you’re a freshman, if your ideas are good enough, they’ll be taken on board, which is very satisfying to see!

Outside of work, I enjoy playing carom, a version of billiards that’s very popular in Korea.

Adrian Sandu, Software Developer, Romania


I’m Adrian Sandu, or Adi for short. I am a Software Developer at NAPA and I'm based in Galati, Romania. I’ve worked with the company for almost six years, after joining as a trainee when I was a first-year student at Computer Science University. I've worked here part-time throughout my studies before beginning full-time in 2012 once I graduated. Since then I’ve studied for a masters degree, which I finished in 2014.

I work in the Office team, developing our products and creating value for our customers. This involves, among other things, programming, troubleshooting and repair. Alongside my main role I also act as a Scrum Master, overseeing the Scrum process – a software development framework where teams work on small segments of a project to relatively short deadlines allowing the whole project to be completed in a manageable timeframe with the ability to adapt easily to change. As Scrum Master I ensure the process is used properly and work to remove anything that obstructs the team’s pursuit of its sprint goals.

One of my favourite things about NAPA is the stable working environment – some people might say it suits my personality. Outside of work, I like to hike in the Romanian mountains. It’s a beautiful country and many of the views are breathtaking. I often try to capture some of these views as photographs, with varying results… but hey, I’m just a beginner!   

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