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NAPA as an Employer

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Adrian Sandu, Software Developer, Galati, Romania


I’m Adrian Sandu, or Adi for short. I am a Software Developer at NAPA and I'm based in Galati, Romania. I’ve worked with the company for almost six years, after joining as a trainee when I was a first-year student at Computer Science University. I've worked here part-time throughout my studies before beginning full-time in 2012 once I graduated. Since then I’ve studied for a masters degree, which I finished in 2014.

I work in the Office team, developing our products and creating value for our customers. This involves, among other things, programming, troubleshooting and repair. Alongside my main role I also act as a Scrum Master, overseeing the Scrum process – a software development framework where teams work on small segments of a project to relatively short deadlines allowing the whole project to be completed in a manageable timeframe with the ability to adapt easily to change. As Scrum Master I ensure the process is used properly and work to remove anything that obstructs the team’s pursuit of its sprint goals.

One of my favourite things about NAPA is the stable working environment – some people might say it suits my personality. Outside of work, I like to hike in the Romanian mountains. It’s a beautiful country and many of the views are breathtaking. I often try to capture some of these views as photographs, with varying results… but hey, I’m just a beginner!   

Carita Granström-Terho, Invoicing Manager, Helsinki, Finland

Carita Granström-Terho2

I’m Carita Granström-Terho, Invoicing Manager at NAPA’s Helsinki office. I’m responsible for NAPA’s invoicing process and receivables collection. I’ve been working for the company since 1998, when I joined as a secretary. I’ve spent my whole career at NAPA, so have been here for a long time – but not too long!

The variety of my everyday work keeps me on my toes and makes me happy. I’m responsible for a wide range of tasks, including creating invoices, taking care of reminders and statutory reporting to our tax authorities. I also oversee the global scope of the business and help to support my colleagues in Helsinki and abroad in other NAPA offices. I hope I’m easy to approach and talk to because strong communication skills are still essential, even in our technological age. I get great pleasure from finishing a task and – hopefully – making a customer happy. I often need to process many issues at the same time if several cases are active, but I enjoy a little bit of pressure!

I like working at NAPA because I believe that we will continue to achieve great things in the years to come and I feel that we’re doing something important. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my husband and our two children; they are 11 and 6 and keep us really busy with practices and games for their ice-hockey, football and basketball teams. When I get some time to myself I enjoy jogging, watching films and spending time with friends. 

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