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NAPA Data Analysis leads to €3 million investment and first commercial order for Norsepower

NAPA analysis verifies that twice the rotor sails delivers double fuel savings; 6.1% reduction in fuel consumption recorded, avoiding 1,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

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Norsepower Oy Ltd is a leading Finnish marine engineering company specialising in clean tech solutions established in November 2012. Since then Norsepower has gathered over $6 million USD of funding, which has enabled development, testing and piloting of the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution.

In June 2015 Norsepower, working with the leading Finnish Ro-Ro Shipping Company Bore, installed The Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution on a 9,700 DWT Ro-Ro carrier. MS Estraden operates between the Netherlands and the UK, sailing through the North Sea’s windy corridors at speeds of 16 knots.

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN performance monitoring and data analytics was able to confirm that the installation of the rotor sail delivered fuel savings of 2.5%. As a result of this, Bore has now ordered a second installation of the technology, the first commercial order for the Rotor Sail. The analysis was repeated once the two sails were operating in tandem.


The ClassNK-NAPA GREEN system was applied to collect and analyse data from the Rotor Sails installed on Bore’s 9,700 DWT Ro-Ro carrier in 2014, and has now been used to asses the efficiency savings on the vessel, now with two Rotor Sails installed.

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN provides a comprehensive solution for data monitoring, analysis and business insight for ship owners, operators and charterers. The solution uses an accurate dynamic performance model that tunes the ship performance model on a continuous basis - taking into account factors such as wave and wind resistance, propeller efficiency and effect or different drafts - to give up to 99.6% accuracy in performance reporting and prediction.  

Advanced analytics have also been developed to deliver highly accurate verification of fuel efficiency technologies by identifying the baseline efficiency for a vessel without the technology active and identifying and filtering out the effects of waves, tides and draft on fuel consumption – delivering measurements quantifying only the effect of the technology being measured once it is in operation.

The Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution is a modernized version of the Flettner rotor – a spinning cylinder that uses the Magnus effect to harness wind power to propel a ship. When the wind conditions are favorable, Norsepower Rotor Sails allow the main engines to be throttled back, saving fuel and reducing emissions while providing the power needed to maintain speed and voyage time.

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In June 2015, ClassNK-NAPA GREEN recorded a saving of 2.5% for one Rotor Sail installed on Bore’s 9,700 DWT Ro-Ro carrier in randomised blind trials. The latest set of results seen from using the ClassNK-NAPA GREEN system have proved a fuel saving of 6.1% for the same vessel, having installed a second Rotor Sail, more than doubling the previous saving from a single Rotor installation. The 6.1% fuel saving means that Bore has mitigated emissions from the vessel by 1,200 tonnes of CO2 annually.

The data analysis and verification, provided by NAPA, has been fundamental to Norsepower’s business developments by proving the effectiveness of their technology. In addition to the expanded market potential offered by the first commercial purchase, this evidence has also helped Norsepower increase its enterprise value and secure the future of the business. A syndicate led by Power Fund III, a Clean tech venture fund managed by VNT Management, has invested €3 million to support Norsepower’s growth and market expansion.

Commenting on the results, Tuomas Riski, CEO, Norsepower said “Since delivering our first proven application with Bore last year, our business has grown from strength to strength. With this significant investment from VNT and our first commercial installation, we have now cemented our position as leaders in the growing wind technology market. Objective data and impartial verification of the fuel savings delivered by the technology has been absolutely critical to this evolution and will remain central to the way in which we work with shipowners and operators.”

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